Our Groups

Suisse Sing Pte Ltd, Singapore

Specialised in trading of various commodities including ferrous and non-ferrous metal, steel, minerals, and some agro products and electronics because of the history of Abishek Mehta. This can be considered the head office of the company

Suisse Sing Commodities SA – Switzerland (Trading)

It is a trading entity which primarily focuses on European and African markets. It is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Singapore entity.

Suisse Sing Recycling Limited – Hong Kong – Philippines (Manufacturing)

The copper cable recycling plant in Philippines is also a 100% owned subsidiary of the Singappore entity.

The plant is located in the Philippines, about 100km north of Manila in Subic Bay SBMA which is a taxfree zone. It covers 8000 m2 and employs 400 local workers under the supervision of an experienced Chinese team of one chief engineer and four workshop managers.

The factory sorts and strips waste copper cable mostly from the US and Australia. After stripping the wires are either granulated to clove and cobra or baled to millberry. Processing capacity is approx. 1000 t of cable, generating 400 t of copper per month.

The plant also recycles the plastic from the stripping and granulating process, producing PVC and PE pellets.

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