Share Holders

Hemant Lalithraj, born is 1971, holds a bachelor degree in Commerce from University of Madras and a Master’s degree in Management Studies (MMS) from the University of Bombay. He is a former banker having worked with Standard Chartered Bank and Mashreq Bank.Hemant gets enhanced risk assessment and new transactions and clients on board. He’s been successful in introducing the group to some large corporates that he knows from his decades of experience and network in the Middle East and India. We have booked a few businesses with them and are also discussing some new orders.

John primarily focuses his efforts on strategic planning, business development, investor relations, regulatory and legal compliance. John has gained extensive experience in operational management over the past 30 years in Canada, USA and the Middle East. John has founded and partnered several companies over the years principally focusing on the steel sector. John was born in 1965 in Toronto. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from York University in Toronto, Canada where he majored in Computer Science.

Andreas was born in 1958 in Vienna where he, also went to school. After graduation he enrolled into two faculties at Vienna University, law and sinology. In the course of the latter he obtained a scholarship from the Austrian government for two years at the Beijing Language Institute (now Beijing Language and Culture University) from 1982-1984. After returning to Vienna, he finished his studies with a master’s in law.

He joined Raiffeisen Zentral bank Austria in 1994 working in the international department in Vienna. In 1995 he was sent to China to establish a representative office in Beijing, built the bank and its personnel, and left in 2014.

In 2018 he started preparations to open a cable processing plant in Subic, Philippines. This plant was financed by Andreas privately but set up and run in close cooperation with SBE, using their expertise and infrastructure as well as license for exports of scrap into China. Today the plant employs 400 workers and processes 1000t of cable per month, producing 400t of copper scrap.

Andreas will contribute to Non-Ferrous metal business of the Company by ensuring continuous supply of copper for the group. In addition to that, the contribution of the Subic plant improves bottom line and expertise to handle China side of the business

Abishek Mehta aged 41 years, an Indian National residing in Singapore is an entrepreneur who successfully setup, run and grew the company to its current stage. He is a qualified MBA (Finance) graduate having experience of over 2 decades in trading as well as finance. Abishek remains the CEO managing overall operations of the Group.