SUISSE SING OVERSEAS TRADING LLC is professionally engaged in sourcing various products which are used in the manufacturing of Metals, Minerals, Equipment, Chemicals, Petro-chemicals, Brass, Fabric, Software, Bronzes, Apparatus, Kits, Hardware, Agriculture products, and Construction Materials.

Our focus has always been to find solutions that are not only economical but also solutions that are considered socially and environmentally sustainable. The company will also continuously optimize the product structure and industrial layout and strengthen scientific and technological innovation with a high pace of transformation and upgrade, so as to achieve the mission of creating customer value, creating an exquisite company, becoming the industry benchmark, and contributing to industrial development worldwide.

The company makes full use of all the resources, having advantages over technology, brand, management, and marketing. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, development, and cooperation” and pays attention to the cultivation of corporate culture. By gathering people, fostering people, inspiring people, and caring for people, The Company regards employees as partners, who create social value together.